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Bomb Diggity Benefits

Bomb Diggity Benefits

You may be like I was in thinking bath bombs were more for kids and teenagers. But I have discovered how wonderful they are at any age! 

While kids may enjoy the “fizzing” and fun colors, the adults will notice how smooth it makes your skin and the aroma that’s released while you soak and relax in the tub. 

Let’s highlight some ingredients and their benefits:

Goat Milk Powder - Packed with B vitamins and alpha hydroxy acids for cleansing and moisturizing. 

Kaolin Clay - Purifies the skin and removes excess oils and is great for sensitive skin. 

Baking soda - While it may seem like a generic ingredient, it does offer quite a few skin benefits such as tightening pores, exfoliating and fighting skin infections.

Citric Acid - This coming ingredient can also help tighten pores, exfoliate and brighten and smooth your skin.

So not only can you treat yourself to a spa-like experience, you’ll be improving your skin at the same time. 

It’s Bubble Time!!

Your Southern Soap Maker,

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